30 Years of Blues

by The KC Sound All Stars

Released 05/14/2018
KC Sound
Released 05/14/2018
KC Sound
Blues jam sessions from 2012, plus a bonus track recorded earlier. The performers are fine musicians who have been recording at the KC Sound Studio during the 30 years we have been running the studio.
The KC Sound All Stars (in alphabetical order):
Judo Jalava (vocal, hammond), Antti Karineva (vocal, guitar, dobro), Christer
Karjalainen (drums), Elmo Karjalainen (guitar), Timo Luostarinen (guitar),
Sauli Luttinen (vocal, bass), Erkka Makkonen (guitar), Olli Mäkelä (drums),
Sasa Opacic (guitar), Ilkka Reima (guitar), David Rios, aka Doctor Dave
(vocal, harmonica), Teijo Saarinen (bass), Esa Salminen (bass), Henry Valanne
(drums, shaker), Roland Wilson (vocal, guitar)
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