Unintelligent Designs

by Elmo Karjalainen

KC Sound
KC Sound
Elmo´s first solo album is a full length guitar extravaganza. Check it out - he is one serious (sometimes not so serious...) composer/player. As a guitar player, he is a top class virtuoso!
The musicians: Elmo Karjalainen (all instruments, programming and human voices), except: Christer Karjalainen (percussion in Chromatic Tuna; drums in Sanna & Tuire´s and Ville´s Wedding Waltz); Janne Venho (drums in The Demise of a Karaoke Bar & Jammy Jam); Masi Hukari (1st guitar solo in Unintelligent Designs); Antti Härmä (2nd guitar solo in Unintelligent Designs); Tuomas Yli-Kovero (keyboards in The Feigning of Altruism & Home)